Every cushion has a story....

We have made some very very special cushions since we began over 12 years ago now. Cushions for people we didn't know but felt compelled to help.  I truly believe there is a very spiritual side to what we are doing, they aren't just cushions, I often feel spirits and am guided by them. To read a Mum who visited a medium after tragically losing her little girl was told "Willow loves that you sleep with the material cushion" honestly, there is no words.

We saw the beautiful Elisha Neave on 60 mins and reached out to her family to make her a comfort cushion.  They sent me photos of Elisha holding that cushion through treatment and ultimately as she took her last breath. Nothing will ever be as powerful to me as that image. I actually sobbed saying to my husband, if I never make another cushion again, that is okay, to know I made something that could bring so much comfort in her last moments was enough.

We then sent all the family cushions to keep her with them.  A few years later they posted a video of a little tot who came along after she had passed, kissing her Aunty Elisha cushion, honestly, that touched me so much. 

Here is some of the feedback and stories we recently received on our facebook page after I wrote my "Who am I kidding" post about struggling to be a business yet give at the same time. 

Eboney Devenie When my son passed away nearly 4 years ago, my friend contacted you about making a cushion with a photo of my son for me, not only did you make this cushion, but out of the kindness of your heart you made mini cushions for my girls to cuddle and take with them everywhere they went. At the hardest time of our lives, these cushions provided comfort and nearly four years on his smiling face is front and centre in our lounge and the girls still have their mini cushions tucked in with them every night. Thank you for continuing to do what you do. You are one of a kind with a very warm heart xx

 Fiona Wade We will always remember your kindness to us at such a difficult time last year and the comfort you gave the kids. You are so beautiful 🙌🙌🙌xx

Jeanette Buchanan Bless you Libby 😘 it’s been two years April 12th that you made those beautiful cushions for my gorgeous friend Julie, she knew they were coming & she got to see the pictures 💓 I’d like to think it was her that came & visited you last night, she actually came to me today just after I was talking about her & how funny that I now read this about her, you are a beautiful soul & you have lots of angels watching over you 😇 don’t ever change except to take good care of yourself first, lots of love, I will never forget what you did for us 😘😘😘😘❤️ & now I’m crying 😍

 Sarah Langley Libby you've touched my family personally with your kindness and it's something I'll never ever forget! You have a the kindest heart and the world need more people like you xo

Courtnee Howard You truly are a kind beautiful soul Libby!

 Brooke Walker What a beautiful story.  I have spoke with a medium and she has said Willow loves that I sleep with ‘the material cushion’ you made. xxxxx

Nicole Geyer I think what you do for other people is amazing!! You are an angel in disguise.

Kerry Hicken I’ve been on the receiving end of your kindness, like so many other others. You are a wonderful person with a heart of gold! xx

Charmaine Char Size Libby, you did a wonderful thing my Daltys mum last year. You are such a kind honest and authentic person, keep being you, for it is wonderful. Ps I would so love to meet you one day, I will share my fancy fruit with you 😂😂😂

 Tamara Toon Libby. I’ve told you more than once that you make the world smile. You are one of the most selfless and beautiful souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of welcoming into my life and my life is that much better for having you grace it. Keep doing what you are doing. My mum told me the other day that she kisses her mum goodnight every night since my nan passed, seeing her face on the beautiful cushion you made for her has been such a comfort when she’s been missing her. So thank you lovely lady, for everything you do, I can tell you that you are appreciated more than you could possibly know x

 Antoinette Mc Bride My friend who you made a cushion for while she was having treatment passed away, her husband, 3 years later keeps that cushion with him. What you do is just not making cushions, it's keeping memories alive, please never give up! I also have cushions in Ireland you made for my parents. What do you is a gift! One I will happily pay for, over and over and over. Love your work libby and appreciate your efforts. Xxxx

 CheRie Williams You brought a big smile to my little mans face Libby.. that is the best gift anyone can give .. you did it!!! And I thank you so much !! The world needs more good souls like you lovely !!! One person can make a difference ❤️😘

 Sharon L Luttrell My sister LOVES the cushions you made for her boys. I believe what goes around, comes around. If people do business that way, well that will come back one day. Keep doing it the right way, your customers love you.

 Michelle Shanks Libby Hampson...your heart is pure. I think you are a business woman, but a heart centric, ethical business woman who will always be a mum, friend and wife, sister, daughter, Aunty first and foremost. This world is better for your love and light.😘💕

 Shari Phillips You are such a sweetheart Libby, I'm sure the 'Warrior Princess' pillows you made Emma Jackie Blundell are still treasured. And to put an smile on your face today Libby you'll be so happy to know gorgeous little Emma has been cleared of having Leukemia recently xxx

 Jodie Stovell #choosekind 
Stay strong & passionate with what you do, unfortunately there are so many ppl that want to bring you down but rise above them. #yougotthis

 Annie De Merindol i bought your cushions for my kids i think 5 or 6yrs ago and while i haven't bought any since, i'm still here because i enjoy and appreciate your take on life, working motherhood, relationships, and parenting. you're right, you can't change anyone else's behaviour so just keep doing what you're doing x

 Justine Scorer Fragapane Libby I agree with all these beautiful people who are sending you love right now! Your cushions are more than just cushions! They are done with love and come from a rare and unique place only others could only hope for. 

Lisa Petschow So beautiful... I got goose bumps reading this. You should feel amazing for what you do. Your strong & kind & creative. The spirit that visited you is letting you know your choices are right. Smile brightly & hug those that care, your so special, please don’t feel depleted. Fill up your love cup... & you will feel centred again. Much love 🙏🏻

 Melanie Williams Oh yes that is why we love giving you our business. Im sure i'm not alone- love your priorities! Wish the world was more full of people like you.

Kathy Shannon Your Karma is always good Libby. Sadly there are too many people in the world with that bad karma and we can only hope the bad karma bites them in their bums. Your cushions your stories and yours posts. I always love reading your stories. You stay just the way the way you are Libby.

 Lauren Dennis Just an amazing post !! Thankyou for your openness and honesty from another small business owner who truly loves what she does and just wants to make people feel good . And I have one of your cushions and it makes me smile every time I put it on my bed . 🙏🏻💙❤️💜💛🧡💚

Rhonda Middleton If you can be anything in the world BE KIND 😍. Win, Win really

Paula Brennan Beautiful words, from the heart. 
Thank you for sharing this x

 Fiona Coble And this is why YOU ARE a successful business owner Libby. You don’t have to be heartless to get ahead in this world...hopefully people will read this and understand that. You’re a gem and clearly someone I’m happy to have reached out to xxx

 Tracey Hanna Dailhou  One of the most thoughtful and caring people I know. Good karma to you xx 💜

 Lucy Jackson Great thoughts Libby, i am hopeful that there’s enough good left in the world. Keep doing it right and the love will spread x

 Jo GL And this is why I love you Libby. I will always support you as much as I can through my own purchases and via referrals. You are a wonderful role model for your kids, hard working, doing what you can for your family and best of all demonstrating empathy, kindness and how to give xxx

 Diane Lythall Towle Beautiful words. You are a wonderful lady and I know there are many families out there who truly appreciate your pillows. xx

Joanne Stibbard I love looking at the work you do and i still treasure the cushion you made me a few years ago. You definitely have a skill that makes so many people happy. To be able to balance a big family and a business my hat goes off to you💕💕

 Katrina Cook-James What a beautiful post. We all can make a difference in our own small way and it sounds like you are doing just that with a kind heart. 😊

 Donna Fraser Bless you Libby.. You made someone's world so much brighter and your heart is what makes this business you!!! Keep your magic baby xxxxx

 Justine Mather Big hugs Libby, I wish more people were lovely like you; my Dad died recently and my husband had had brain surgery and can't drive. So I asked on a local 'support' group for help getting my kids to school as a taxi was so expensive and got trolled. P...See More

 Rechelle Hulme Oh no! Please don't ever stop making your beautiful creations or having your gorgeous heart! The world is a better place for kind souls like yours! I hardly know you, but your posts and your products have already brought me so much joy!

 Barb La Ganza Such honest words, and so true. I don't know you but live in your area and as a small business woman as well, I hear you! Sending you big hug. xxx

 Melissa Ryan Well done Libby!! I love reading your posts!! Please never stop being you! You are one of those people I would love to meet and give a big hug to one day...a small gesture of thanks xx

 Zena Du Vernet I love you Lib. You have such a huge heart. You’re always so positive and upbeat. 
Thank you for the reminder to be kind. I need to curb my road rage. I’m going to start there.❤️❤️❤️

 Rebecca Balsamo Newson ❤️❤️❤️ your glam-ma cushion you made for Mum for Mother’s Day the first time you were doing them is so dearly loved. As is the cushion you made for my dad when he lost his sister...the love & effort you put in is something that no one else can replicate. I also follow the young Mum who lost her darling daughter and we talk privately as well and what was said to her was so heartbreaking. Some people are just awful xxx

Nicole Keast You have Good Karma Libby. No need to toughen up as it, is all meant to be....& you know, the cushions wouldn’t be the same. Don’t change a thing & repost all. Your hearts in the right place it’s a shame there ain’t more Libby’s out there. Xx

Cherie Long You are such a rare commodity Libby you have a 💓of gold that and your Immensely talented is why I will always come back to your small business x

 Rebecca Maxwell Darling Libby, your kindness is beyond. I’m so very privileged to call you my friend. Keep being you, the world is very much a better place having your beautiful soul spreading your love. 💕

 Rebecca Jane You make a difference
You share love remind us of love 
You are doing good in this world 
You are making much more than cushions 

 Belinda Martin I absolutely love the work you do.  You have made 3 cushions for me, 2 were for my husband from our children and 1 for my mother in law. And they are all well and truly loved 
Your 2 cushions ordered for my husband take pride on our bed. They are and always will be very special to us xx

Ivana Radic You are a beautiful soul Libby and never change! We all get what we deserve and you lady deserve only the best. Some people we will never understand and it is sad with everything happening in the world that someone can intentionally hurt someone else. 💕❤️😘 
P.S. please don’t stop making your beautiful creations. I have 2 beautiful teachers this year that I need presents for! 😘😘😘

 Janis Bryden My favorite quote & one I try to live by is
“No act of kindness is EVER wasted” - sometimes we see results other times we don’t but that doesn’t matter. You do some amazing things Libby out of a caring & compassionate heart. Good feelings stay with us longer than any monetary rewards. 

Trish Cutting Libby the world needs more people with a heart like yours. It seems to be lost these days. I know when the time comes you will do us proud xxxx

Julie Camilleri Well said Libby, i am sure your lovely cushion will bring some comfort to that poor Boy too. Keep on keeping on x

 Erin Michelle Well said! You make beautiful cushions🖤Thank you for being so kind 💗💗

 Kylie Rayleen Barnsley This post should make you feel amazing...it never hurts anyone to be kind and giving to someone else

 Yvonne Papadatos Your kindness is beyond. Keep being you, god bless xx

 Sheena Newcombe-Bennion You have a kind generous heart! You have been so good to me, and other people... thank you....

 Catherine Solah You are one of the beautiful souls Libby and you bring a smile to a lot of people. 🙌🏻Xx