Do you have "that" age .....

Do you have "that" age .....

Do you have “that” age that sticks out in your mind? Mine is 15, I don’t know why, but that’s the age that always sticks out to me.

I loved 15, life was easy, school, working at Macca’s part-time so I had a bit of cash. Madly in love with the hot athlete boyfriend, we used to meet before school just for a sneaky kiss. I felt amazing like I could do anything.

Now at 50, I’ll admit it, I loved turning heads when I was younger. These days it only happens when I go out with my daughters, but recently I thought, maybe I still had it ? ....

We walked into a very local pub in Hobart, (Monday night specials were on, nothing else was open) and this guy couldn’t stop staring at me.

I was quite flattered as he wasn’t a bad looking bloke. I thought to myself Jesus, he can’t take his eyes off me. See in Manly I’m probably about a “3” these days, but I thought maybe in Tassie I could still be a “7”, even “8” maybe??

He looked over numerous times, I flicked my hair, laughing and smiling at everything hubby had to say so I didn’t have resting bitch face as we weren’t exactly having the dining experience I was hoping for, any way you’ll never believe it. Hubby stood up to get us another drink and my admirer yells out “Hey Steve”.... doh!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

The whole time he was looking over to get hubby’s attention 😂😂, he knew him, they work together as flight attendants, the dude was on an overnight in Hobart.

I told hubby, I was devo, he thought it was hilarious. And just like that, back to a “3” 😂.

Oh and PS. 16 sucked. Got dumped by the hot boyfriend, my parents got divorced and it all went pear-shaped for a few years, yep, I’m sticking with 15. ❤️
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