An evening with Oprah (and Bronte)

Miss Bronte and I went to see Oprah last night in Sydney, wow, we loved it. She has helped me so much in my journey, whenever I doubt myself or feel low and question things in my head I listen to one of her Soul Sessions or Life lessons and everything becomes clear again.

We took her a cushion, I stayed up till 2am making it the night before but security wouldn't let us in with it. They told us we could leave it at the Cloak Room. I went over and said "Ok guys you've got to help me out, I made this for Oprah, is there please anyway you could give it to someone who could give it to her people who could give it to her?" They said they would try but I don't really think they could do anything, so, it's probably sitting in the bin :-(.
I really wanted her to have it for everything she has given me.

She talked for two hours about her life, she was funny too. We laughed when she described how she had had Martha Stewart on the show and had learnt to cook a goose. She thought she would surprise Stedman with a lovely goose for dinner and maybe a bit of post goose loving. Well apparently he was late coming home from a golf game and she said "You know what it's like ladies, after 5 mins. you're ok, after 20 minutes you start getting a bit of attitude and after 40 minutes you start getting a lot of attitude. I was basting the goose but everything was drying up and I mean EVERYTHING, there was no moisture ANYWHERE" ;-) funny.

She explained how interesting she found that it didn't matter who she interviewed throughout her career, whether it was the father in prison who had murdered his twin 7 yr old children or famous people like George Bush to Beyonce, every single one said at the end of the interview 'was that ok?, was I ok?" Wow, really, everyone doubts themselves, even Beyonce??? There's hope for me yet!

I loved the story of how when she was a little girl her Grandma who was a maid and put her uniform on everyday to serve the same family said to her "Oprah girl, when you grow up I hope you get nice white people to work for like I have" and Oprah said "If only my Grandma could see me now, I would tell her ...
Grandma, I have found some nice white people, only they are working for me". Love it.

She also said something very powerful that resonated with me,
"No is a complete sentence" As someone who is very new to the whole "No" thing, I like it.

This is another of my favourite Oprah quotes and I honestly think my life changed when I started to be grateful, maybe it was when we nearly lost Luke? I don't know but I do know there has been a massive shift in my life especially in the last few years and I now know what feeds my soul and what doesn't …..

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
- Oprah Winfrey


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