Well we survived

Mum didn't get lucky but then again there wasn't that much talent on the boat so I kinda think she did. haha. We were having a laugh about it and she said "You know to be honest I couldn't think of anything worse" that seems to be the catch cry of every woman I speak to over 50, what's going on ladies?... does that mean I only have 5 years left of good sex (or any sex for that matter?) Oh dear.

The kids had a ball, Luke was so funny, we were at the Family Comedy Show and the host said "Stand up those kids whose dream it is to be a rockstar" Luke looked at me all innocently, wanting one of the fancy balloons more than life itself, "Can i lie Mum?" I said, "it's ok honey, for this you can". Well bless him, he stood up along with about 10 other kids, and the host said, "right show me your best air guitar". Well you have never seen anything like it, Luke ripped into it like he was the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi. Mum, Uncle Keith and I were in absolute hysterics! Billie was mortified and went and sat behind me saying "Don't look at me" hahaha, she was terrified they were going to call her up. Well the host chose Luke and he went up on stage and repeated his performance for the whole audience. About half way he realised what the hell he'd done to himself and I could tell wanted to get off the stage. He collected his "trophy" balloons and came back to me, we all high fived him and about 2 mins later he said "Mum I'm going to vomit" WHAT!!!!!!!! So I raced him out of there, holding my hand over his mouth to protect any poor bystanders (as we do) we made it to the bathroom and he was sick. Bless his little cotton socks, the adrenaline and the nerves made him physically ill, isn't that crazy? Lucky he didn't puke all over the host, now that would have been a show! OMG, does this sort of stuff only happen to me?

Uncle Keith got chosen by 3 randy old women (well lets just say they didn't seem to fall into the category of women I was speaking about earlier)….. to go in the "Hairy Chest Competition". That was hilarious too, a bee keeper won but I've never seen so much personality come out of what seemed to be normal average blokes, they were loving it and so were the old dears who got to feel them up, yes it was a family cruise. Miss Billie made a friend, so she was happy and went on the Green thunder slide before we'd even left Sydney. The floor disappears from under you and you just go for it (there's no way you'd get me on it). Kids club was a bit average I thought, the poor kids are stuck right up the front (I think it's the only part of the boat they didn't have enough room to put a bar in).

Anyway, it was all good fun, we're all exhausted, early night tonight. X

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