She may as well have it now .....

My eldest daughter Aimee is going to live in England in a couple weeks. I'm so happy for her but scared as well. I found my engagement ring from her Dad (my ex husband) the other day and thought it would be the perfect present for her. I had it redesigned after my marriage broke up but it's just been sitting in the cupboard for the last few years as I didn't feel right wearing it being married to Steve now. Being the eldest Aimee was always going to get it when I was no longer on this earth, so I thought why not give it to her now. We had it resized and all polished up, it looks so gorgeous.

So now, whenever she's missing home she can look down at her hand and know her mum and dad are with her always, bless. 

Oh and she's on strict instructions not to flog it when she's broke! X

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