Another crazy day/week….

Another crazy day/week. Luke has been coming in every night and SNORING his head off, he has the dreaded "Smith" curse, my father used to shake the house his snoring was so loud. He has also wet the bed twice, I put the fresh sheets on AGAIN last night before I passed out about midnight and Billie came in during the night and woke me up about 7am saying "I've wet the bed" OMG!!!! I'm too old for this! I nearly had a car crash yesterday 5 mins after I was explaining to mum I have a much higher chance of dying in a car crash than on a plane (she's worried about me flying too). An idiot pulled over to the side without indicating and then decided to do a u turn right in front of me, I slammed the brakes on and missed her by a centimetre and she gave ME a filthy look - I'm a nice person but I must admit if people do the wrong thing on the road I turn into a psycho! I spent the whole day out yesterday collecting fabrics which really slowed down my productivity so I was stressing, fell over, yes fell over (don't ask me how) flat on my face in Alexandria Super Centre (how embarrassing) I think the lady who watched the whole thing thought I was on drugs? Then at my fabric wholesaler I nearly passed out with heart palpitations, he had to get me a water and sit me down. Oh and did I mention I fell asleep AT THE TABLE at my friends dinner party on Saturday night and SNORED (I have the Smith curse too) OMG!!!! Do you think I need a holiday? So after all that I seriously think I needed something nice to happen, well it did. Rebecca Judd instagram'd our cushions tonight which was very exciting, she has a Billie too! We have my parent-in-laws 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday night which I'm looking forward to and a school trivia night tomorrow night. Poor Steve is under intense pressure now after I told the whole world he won $64,000 on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" in the paper article the other week (oooops). It's all good fun isn't it, I just hope I don't fall asleep at the anniversary dinner, wish me luck! x
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