You get way more back ...

You get way more back ...

I received a message last month about this beautiful grandmother who was tragically taken in a car crash, her husband, Pop, not doing too well without her, so her granddaughter contacted me to order him a cushion.

I could really feel her pain ...

“She was a beautiful lady, inside and out, and more of a mother to my sister's and I than a grandmother. It's been heartbreaking for us all.”

So, I made Pop an extra little cuddle one from me, I just wanted him to know I care. One to have on his chair to see first thing when he wakes up and one to pop in at night to hold tight.

“The cushions finally arrived yesterday. I love them so much. I took the cushions around to Pop’s house and he was speechless, started tearing up. He rang me again this morning to say thank you, he loves them. Thank you so much.“

This is not an ad, this is a story, every cushion has a story ❤️

....and I’ll say it again, I get way more back, than I give. X

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