So, Luke's going back to school today for one day ...

I’ll be honest, when they first started homeschooling I was expecting (or I should say, praying) for an email stating, our fees will be reduced as services have been reduced.
Well, of course, that email never arrived but after seeing what our school has had to put in to place for the kids to continue learning, I now get it.
Watching our principal and Luke’s teacher interact with the kids on their zoom meetings alone has made me tear up. Just the kindness, compassion, and interest they have shown in all the kids has completely warmed my heart.
During the meetings watching his teacher balance her little ones on her knee while trying to focus. And at times having to say “sorry kids I have to be a mum for a minute” while her kids demand her immediate attention, as little ones do.
Being a working mum (and dad of course too) is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Worrying you’re not doing the right thing by your kids, whilst worrying you’re not giving your job your all, oh, the struggle is real.
So, I wanted Luke to take in a little gift today, cushions for her kids, to let her know how much we appreciate her extra work.
To all the teachers, thank you 💕 x
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