Rocketman, not Rocket science

Now, I've always considered my husband quite the catch; smart, funny and handsome. But sometimes, sometimes I do have a little giggle to myself and think what the hell??
Like yesterday, kids @ school, thought we'd sneak off to see "Rocketman". Since we were at the mall he booked in for an eye test after the movie, so far we were killing it.
We walked in, it wasn't very busy so we could sit anywhere. I noticed a little toddler in the audience with her Mum and blankey, thought wow, Rocketman? She's game, mine would have been bored after 5 mins. at that age, hope she doesn't start crying, we won't sit near them.
25 minutes into the ads and previews, I was thinking get on with it. Yeh, yeh, Toy Story 4, Angry Birds 2, Lion King, get on with it.
Right, it was FINALLY starting, yay! The curtains pulled back, the Disney castle with all the fireworks came on screen and I looked at hubby questioning "Is this a Disney movie?"  Mmmmm this doesn't look right and then Will Smith appeared??? Hubby looks at me and says "This is Alladin"!!! How freak'n embarrassing, we were in the wrong cinema!!
I whispered to him, "What the hell? you said cinema 2, it's not rocket science". Now, I would sit through Alladin for the kids but I'm not sitting through it otherwise.  How do we get out of the cinema without looking like complete idiots! Head down, no eye contact, don't mind us guys, we've just changed our minds and might head off to another cinema, oh dear.
In his defense, he was booked in for that eye test, and note to my self, maybe next time actually look at the tickets??
Did we enjoy Rocketman, well, I absolutely loved it, loved everything about it but after they broke into song for the 3rd time in the kitchen hubby said out loud "You owe me big time" haha. Going home in the car he said "it was alright but bit too much music, drinking & drug taking for my liking" I did say "it was a movie about Elton John honey, what did you think they were going to be doing?
Oh bless him, it's all good fun, isn't it. X
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