Not 'just a cushion'

After all the drama yesterday it was nice waking up today knowing I only had a few orders to get out. I'm working on a birthday/family celebrations cushion and sent the proof back to a client for approval. She instantly realised one of the months was empty and then remembered her mother sadly had a still born baby 40 yrs ago and his birthday was in that month. She messaged me and said "do you think we should include him?", my answer was "Of course". We spoke and were both in tears, of course he should be included, he was a massive part of her mothers life, she carried him for 9 months, he will be with her forever. She said her mum talks about him all the time and I know this is going to be such a special way of having him be a part of the family. I like to think my work is for a reason and cushions like this really confirm it for me. I mean I know they are 'just a cushion' but sometimes, they aren't 'just a cushion. X
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