Who am I kidding ....

Today I realised who am I kidding, I am not a business woman, I am just a Mum. Some days I want to give all this up, the toll it takes on the family and all the copies of my best selling designs but then I get "that" order and I know I can never give this up. I made some cushions today for a boy in palliative care, a boy not much different in age from my Luke, did I cry most of the day, yes. Hubby and I decided at the beginning of the year I had to be a bit tougher, when my client approached me on the weekend I said I would do a couple of little ones for nothing as I just felt so bad but when I received the pics I knew there was no way I could charge anything for these. I am just not comfortable. I made them just in time to get to the post office, I feel bad as some other paying clients orders went to the back of the line (sorry) but after that time of making those cushions for that beautiful lady in palliative care that never got there in time, I just wasn't risking it.

A spirit came into my bedroom last night, no, I hadn't been drinking. I was asleep and woke up and felt a child spirit. I was worried i was going to hear this child had passed today, but no, thank god. I honestly believe it was another spirit who I have done something for their mum or dad just letting me know they are around and I should do these ones today. I know I might sound crazy but I only feel these spirits when I'm working on these cushions so I know it's not a coincidence.

I was on Instagram today and saw a young mum I follow who recently lost her daughter had had a troll say something awful on her page, what the hell? Who does that? What is wrong with people? What is wrong with just supporting each other? I don't understand?

I am no saint, I have lots of faults (just ask my family and friends) but I definitely know with all my heart, if you can do something for someone (only if you can) do it.

Another small business posted my glam-ma cushion recently, a client let me know and I messaged them asking her if they wouldn't mind adding our name to it as it was our image. She had over 1.3 k likes and 2.3k comments (which is a lot of comments) did she just pop on and edit her post, no, she sent me a thumbs up symbol waited till the next day and then deleted the post? I messaged her saying, I didn't understand why she thought that was a nicer thing to do than just add our name to it? and that the world would be a lot better place if we all just supported each other. She never messaged me back? Another small business owner who knows how hard it is..... I was gobsmacked.

That really funny lady whose posts I shared last week about "Married at first sight" messaged me straight away to thank me for sharing her posts, I said "of course, why wouldn't I, you are very clever and deserve credit for your work". It's not that hard.

I suppose the moral to the story is, choose kind. Life is short people, it's not that hard to do the right thing. X

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