Graduation Cushions....

It's all about giving back and wow won't these teachers feel special today. Yr 12 graduation gifts from a student to her teachers. LOVE x

Oh and just incase you thought everything looks so perfect and so lovely, it isn't always the case getting to this point. I had a girlfriend over for dinner Monday night, we went into my office so I could print them as I knew I was going to be pressed for time the next day to get them all done. Printer down, OMG, she sat and talked to me for 2 hrs whilst I fiddled, took things apart, took things down, turned buttons on, turned buttons off, unhooked a spring that went flying across the room, had to stand on the table bend over to try and get down this fiddly bit to reach it, lucky I had my undies on as it wasn't a good look.......TRIED EVERYTHING.

Poor Miss Billie couldn't get to sleep as the lights from my office were keeping her awake so the poor bugger went and slept in the loungeroom as she didn't want to be up in my room by herself. My girlfriend left about 10, I gave up about midnight. Couldn't sleep worrying how I was going to get it going, tried again 6am, nothing. Rang my friend who has the same equipment he generously said I could use his, got kids to school, raced over there, couldn't get his going. At this stage I'm thinking.... I'm cursed!. Remember my client is picking them up at 2pm!! Rang my technician, every time he has to fix anything it's approx. $500 so you can imagine how nervous I was. He is in TASMANIA mmm, that's not going to work, he gave me a tip on how he fixed it last time, I raced home, got the screwdriver out, did what he said and "voila"

OMG printed like a mad woman, sewed like a mad woman and then took these pics with a big sigh of relief. The joys of small business and thats a good day! X



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