Do you care what other people think?

We've had a lovely relaxing weekend, swim club with the kids yesterday and caught up with one of my besties yesterday afternoon, hubby had the kids so I could just relax. I was saying to my bestie "this whole thing is so crazy getting in Harpers Bazaar is just so incredible but I still doubt myself and wonder if my friends are sticking their fingers down their throats gagging when they read my posts?" He admitted he did cringe when he read all my "oversharing" posts but said "Lib, that is who you are, you have always been like that since I met you at 12yrs of age and you'll never change". He is an amazing educated writer so I also felt I had to apologise for my illiterate writing. But he also said he was so proud of me and 2 girlfriends I have known since primary school said the same thing to me, one in Coles and gave me the biggest hug (I think other shoppers thought we were a bit weird???), it meant so much. Hubby and I took the kids down to the beach this morning and I was saying to him I'm so nervous about this newspapaper article that is coming out this week as it's going to be in our local one as well. All my family and friends are going to read it. I said to hubby "I'm so scared my friends will think I'm a tosser when they read it? I only answered the questions they asked of me and I answered it honestly from my heart but I'm still scared. Hubby said "Lib, who cares? not everyone is going to like you, the ones that really know you will be happy for you, the ones that don't know you will make their minds up and the ones that know you and knock you aren't your true friends" I wish I had a tenth of my husbands wisdom and confidence... he just doesn't care what people think of him (which is amazing to me??) and I suppose why I love him so much, he is my rock. Maybe it's just a chick thing? Or a mother thing? Anyways, I do know I'm doing my best and am confident in that which I wouldn't have been years ago, I am growing....

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