The joys of it all.....

I'm feeling really emotional this morning, I've been asked to write about my business as a paper is doing an article on us (wow) and I've been overcome with emotion. It's been another really crazy week, highs and lows, sent off the most beautiful cushion yesterday with a spelling mistake ...doh! (completely my fault)- a definite low, paper article - high, hot water unit blew up - a definite very expensive low, hubby not here to help me move all the crap in front of the hot water unit as it's blowing up water all over the garage - another definite low! But main thing is kids are all healthy, 2 birthdays this week for my family, Miss Courtney 20 and Miss Billie who is 7 and has been asking me how long till her birthday for about 6 weeks (I can't wait till it's over so I can say 365 days and then hopefully she'll give up - probably not though. Finally got to bed last night about midnight after sending out postal notifications, Luke had gone up to my bed as it was SO hot he wanted to be under the fan. I picked him up to put him on the toilet...too late, he'd wee'd all over the fresh sheets I'd only put on that day - another definite low! Tonight I'm attending a 21st for a very beautiful young lady who I have known all her life so that's definitely a high! Life's fun isn't it, working on my xmas range, hopefully taking photos today, have been getting opinions from fringe or not to fringe is the question??? I'm going to offer both so you can make your minds up, I'll be interested to see what you all think as I've had conflicting opinions. We've had a couple of really beautiful orders this week that have brought me to tears, life really is so precious, make the most of everyday and if you love someone tell them. x

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