Wow, we're in Cosmo!

I just found out last night our Photo Cushion has been featured in the May edition of COSMOPOLITAN magazine. I am so excited and really wanted to share it with you as without all your encouragement and orders this would never have been possible. I seriously am just a mum who borrowed a friends sewing machine (a year ago this month- thanks Sally) to see if I could make some cushions that friends would like to buy. I have since bought 2 new machines and a printer which takes up a whole bedroom in our house (and trust me -our house isn't big). I have been obsessed by something to make this work, I doubt myself everyday, I get anxiety and completely freak myself out and question why am I doing this but yesterday when I received confirmation we were in Cosmo I gave myself a bit of a high five. I really want to thank everyone for their kindness and enthusiasm and especially to my poor family who has to live with my neurotic insecurities, cushions, fabric, inserts, ribbon etc all over the house . I also have to say a huge thank you to my friend Paul who has taught me so much and my beautiful friend Ursh who created my forms and website. Also, Uncle Keith for pinning, my beautiful Mum for helping me sew the backs and my gorgeous husband for doing everything for the kids when I have been too flat out. Thank you.

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