Appreciating life....

I attended my brother-in-laws fathers funeral today. I am terrified of death, the thought of not being with my family one day often wakes me up at night with panic attacks. But funerals really do make you appreciate peoples lives and what they can achieve in a lifetime. This lovely man raised 5 children who went on to marry and have 15 grandchildren whom he was extremely proud of. He was a very successful man who loved his family and shared his wealth. His son gave the eulogy and explained how his father had bought his wife's parents a house so they could live closer to them. The only thing he asked of them was to pay the rates, he said that was so they would feel like it was their home. His grandchildren gave thanks and shed tears and his daughter explained the main thing her father taught her was to always express how you feel to the people you love. She said her father always made her feel so loved and whenever he said good bye he always said "I love you". The priest explained we were all there today to pay our respects to a man we all admired for different reasons and to think of the reason why we admired him and put that in to practice in our own lives. I was so impressed, it was such a lovely service and a beautiful way to remember a man who he himself was obviously very loved. x

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