Ikea...love it or hate it?

I love Ikea, going up those escalators with my little pencil and measuring tape is like the stairway to heaven! All the little bits, cheap cute little vases, bargain battery packs all the displays make my heart flutter. That is until yesterday. I took Mum to the airport at 9 am Sunday, perfect excuse to go to Tempe Ikea only 10 mins. from airport and BY MYSELF ...... how exciting. I've been wanting to replace my water hyacinth bed as we've had it for 12 yrs and it's worn out (not really) but I thought white would look better for my cushion pictures. Anyway, I did my research on line chose the Malm white bed with storage underneath, even hubby though it was a great idea. After going through all the nooks and cranny's and filling a trolly with little bits I really didn't need I hit the warehouse section where I picked up the cartons for my bed. I thought I was being so clever when I got to check out I even insisted on the guy opening the headboard box so I could check there was no little "dings" in it, the last thing I wanted to do was get all the way home to Manly and have to go back. The sign was very clear, you needed to pick up 3 cartons for this bed, 3 check. Got to the car, shoved it all into my tiny Carolla, feeling rather chuffed with myself went to drive, ooops, couldn't maneuver the gear stick (manual) so had to drag it all out again and re shoved it all in so I could drive safely. Mind you I have driven with a fish bowl on my lap once trying to do a move on the cheap with fish water slapping all over me, yuck...the things we do. Anyway, honked when I got home, hubby helped me drag it up 2 flights of stairs, unpacked it all, no instructions, no problem I can download off the net, printed 12 pages off. Hubby went off to work (rather happily) he hates putting things together. Right....here I go, after 20 mins, realised I'd bought the Malm bed not the Malm "High" bed which you need when you buy the 4 storage drawers for underneath! Great! I got my head around the fact ok, no storage, I'll just do with the bed. I'll take the drawers back later, got to the end of putting it all together, no middle piece or slats??? Re checked all the cartons....no middle piece, no slats??? Sit on the phone waiting to speak to someone @ Ikea for 20 mins. finally speak to a lady (she was nice, not her fault) she explains they don't come with middle bars or slats they are extra! WHAT!!!! What use is a bed without middle bars or slats, kind of an essential part of the bed. I mentioned maybe when people are buying beds the people at check out let people know this, she said, no it's a cash and carry store, not their job to do that. I asked do you sell chest of drawers with no drawers, are they extra? I was absolutely gob smacked that they sell beds without the two essential factors the middle bar and slats! Ok, so I'm not loving Ikea at all anymore! After all that, I faced a night on the mattress on the floor so I went to Fantastic Furniture around the corner bought the Vogue, high gloss white bed, came complete with slats and middle bar (imagine that) and it's gorgeous. Anyone wanna buy a bed? x

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