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Had the most amazing experience @ the cocktail party. I was trying to get people to go to the fortune teller but everyone was looking at me like I had two heads and not keen so I sat down and had a reading myself. Wow, it was unbelievable, the 1st thing she said was a mans name who I have known for a long time who passed very sadly from cancer a couple of years ago. I see men that look like him all the time when I'm out and when she said it I knew he'd been around me. She said he's protecting me and watching over me, she said she saw a clowns face, was he a bit of a joker? "oh my god" he was such a funny guy and loved a joke. They actually held his fundraiser for his children after he passed at the Comedy club. Wow, I was just stunned. She then said "who's Elizabeth" OMG, ummm, me! I drew some cards and she smiled when she saw them and told me things that were so true, I had tears streaming down my face, they are now as I'm writing this.. She told me I have been full of fear and worrying what people think of me my whole life but I coming out of that dark tunnel and am now owning who I am and I am becoming so strong. She told me I was Earthy, really Earthy, creative and very clever (wow). She told me I've been working on something, it's my baby, I'm so passionate about it, something is really pushing you, it's not about money for you, it never has been, it's about giving". I was explaining to a very good friend on Thursday that I honestly feel like something bigger, higher than me has been pushing me to do this business, now it was being confirmed. She told me I give away too much and sometimes to the wrong people, because I have been without, I like to give, she said, keep giving but make sure it's to the right people, wow. She told me so many amazing things. I asked about my Dad, she said "D" his name was Donald, she then said "Who's James" OMG my twin brother. I explained to her my intense fear of death and how when I go to bed I sometimes feel like I can't breath and get so anxious. She asked me to give her something I wear all the time for her to hold. She held my silver bracelet I never take off and she explained, I had a former life in Egypt, I was a servant to a pharaoh and was entombed with him, I had a terrible death, I couldn't breath and I have brought that with me into this life. Wow. She told me other personal things about my children, she said, there is one I worry about more than the others, I smiled, she said "21" I knew it. She laughed and said, she is fine, never worry about her, she is like you, she will learn life's lessons but she will be fine, we smiled. I had to let other people have a turn by this stage but I gave her a big hug and thanked her so much for what she had told me and I was blown away for the rest of the night (still am). x

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