It's been the week of giving this week (my favourite thing to do) and definitely to deserving people. Yesterday Billie, Luke and I went and visited another really special lady who we love. Norma just celebrated her birthday (lets just say over 40) and we had to make her a cushion but she's so special we couldn't put it all on one so we made her two! I had coffee every Wednesday down @ the mall with her, from when I was pregnant with these two and we haven't been able to do it since I started this business so I only occasionally get to see her down the beach now. She has always been so generous to my 2 little ones, always has "Moos" (Milky Bars) in her bag that she makes them pick "Which hand"? and the look on the kids faces when they get it right. Never mattered whether they got it right as she always gave them one anyway! Anyway, I rang her daughter for all her families details (she was one of nine, the youngest and sadly she is the only one left) she is always telling me stories about her siblings and misses them dreadfully so I knew how important it was to have all their names on the cushion. We also made her a Norma word cushion and the kids gave me all the words that describe her "White pants" "Curly hair" "loves sitting on Manly Beach" "Always has Moo's". Well I have to say I have never been happier giving someone a cushion than I was yesterday. The look of absolute joy as she read all her siblings names out and she just kept hugging that cushion, she said "Libby I feel like they are close to me now" we both had tears. Then we read the funny one, had a glass of champagne and a giggle. We left and the kids yelled out "Love you Norma" from the street and the look on her face was priceless. It truly is the little things that bring us the most joy in this life. x


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