Wow, what a week...

she came and she went, missing her already but have to admit not missing the mess, love ya courtney ;-) Now I just have to worry about her being in the country that the Today Show told me yesterday is the most dangerous place in the world to travel to (statistics wise) oh great! She's in Thailand doing a detox (I think I should have gone with her), wouldn't mind losing a few kilos as we have my brother-in-laws wedding coming up in February!

Think I'm on top of all my orders, going to have them all out mid December. Please remember any orders received AFTER Dec 1 will not be able to go out until February as I am going to be spending time with my poor children who have actually stopped asking me to do things for them and are now going direct to Dad (which isn't completely a bad thing).

We went to hubby's uni reunion last night which was fun, hearing all the stories and the strong friendships they obviously still have even though they don't get to see each other often. I worked all day so couldn't get to the shops so made the hosts a gorgeous wreath family initial cushion, think I'll have to make myself one, I love it :-).

Can't believe last week at my brothers for dinner I offered to do Christmas day at my house……what the hell was I thinking !!!! Yikes!

Bronte has offered to help (well she has to as she's going to be the only big one here) so secretly whilst dreading it I'm also looking forward to it, going to go all out. Haven't done one since I had all the ex's family over one year. I remember finally sitting down to my lunch, got stuck up the kid end of the table, someone said "Is there any mustard?" I said, "Sure, let me get it" grrrrrrrr, by the time I got back to the table one of the kids had spilt their coke all over my plate of food….kill me now!

It was also the year Aimee my eldest woke up and said "I love christmas Mummy", me: "Oh do you darling, why"? her: "cos you get to eat all day!!!" (she was about 6). Anyway she did …….and about 5 o'clock after I'd finally cleaned up after lunch she puked everywhere! Just worked out in my head that was nearly 20 yrs ago and I've finally plucked up the courage to do it again…..I have no doubt I'll be saying to myself on Xmas eve "not doing this again for another 20!!!". Ohhh it's all good fun isn't it :-). X


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