Miss billie spent hours writing xmas cards the other night to all the children in her class. I didn't read them but just received this image with a message from this child's mother (whom I consider a friend and think the world of) saying "what a truly beautiful daughter you have" I had tears in my eyes. You see they are in yr 3 now and all learning to work out friendships and as we all know they can be tricky (doesn't stop when we get older either does it?). I love her honesty, I love the kindness she has shown and the maturity (for a 9 yr old). She owned her part in it, there was no blame and all i see here is love.
I've already experienced 3 teenage daughters. I've dobbed them in for truanting, i've even dragged them down to the police station for stealing. I want them to be good people. I don't piss in my kids pockets, I telll them how it is and make them take responsibility for their actions but I never miss an opportunity to tell them I love them amd I would die for all of them. X ‪#‎proudmumma‬

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