I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...

One more full day tomorrow, a few more to do next week and then they will all be out and I can start organising our christmas, I haven't bought one present yet (yikes).

(WARNING: men stop reading here).

My little "issue" is STILL not fixed, mostly due to my trying to ignore the whole situation and also not having time to deal with it. Well, I finally went and saw a new gyno and he was so lovely. I was hoping he'd be 70 but he was young and kinda hot, pre-requisite for all gyno's should be old and unattractive I think as it's even more mortifying for us when they are not. He had his beautiful family photo on his desk and we started chatting about life and kids and then he asked me what I did for work. Big mistake…huge! I said, am I being charged by the minute cos how long have you got? wink emoticon Well you know me, I started telling him all my sad stories, welling up over some but also the happy ones and he ended up wanting to place an order! Only I could go in to the Dr's to talk about my bits and end up with an order for a cushion! wink emoticon.

Had to show him the one we made for my father-in-law last weekend, it was so lovely. All the kids gave me in their words what they think of their grandfather. It was so special and apparently he's raving to all his friends about it. Hubby is the most unemotional person in the world (I suppose it wouldn't work if the kids had two blubbering parents) but even he admitted he would like one of those when he's a grandfather (tick).

I hope you're all getting sorted for xmas, I am really looking forward to it this year, only 15 more sleeps X

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