Birthday Celebrations ...

What do you do when one of you friends turns 50 and she hates attention (imagine that??) ….. I know, organise a surprise party! My girlfriend turned the big" five-ohhh" last week and was determined not to celebrate it as her son is doing his HSC so she decided she had the perfect excuse.

We decided otherwise and organised a lunch with all her besties from her 'working in the city days', 'sons primary school days' and 'nowadays'.

I was there when both her children were born which is an honour I'll never forget. She had a frightening birth with her son and I actually called the Macquarie Street Gyno out of the room and abused him for manually getting her to 9cm but that's a whole other story..ouch! Thank god she and he was fine, that was nearly 18 yrs ago. We've got a lot of history, she used to go out with my twin when we were 17 and was with us through my Dads illness and passing, she worked with my Mum and we lived together when my 1st marriage broke up, we've pretty much been through it all.

I was worried she'd be angry at me for organising it but once she got over the shock a great day was had by all. Happy Birthday Jac, here's to the next 50! X

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