I have a confession

I absolutely freakin love the Kardashians (much to my husbands horror). My two favourites are Khloe and Bruce, I secretly like all of them but those two are just so real and say it like it is. Bruce has always been the voice of reason in all the madness and I have to say I admire him so much to finally be able to declare to the world how he feels and to be able to be true to himself. I can't imagine how hard it must have been with all the "judgy judgy haters" in the world and also having to explain it to all his children with fear of rejection. Everyone asks, "What are they famous for? What have they actually done?" Well maybe now they will have done something meaningful, even if it helps one person struggling with who they are to be able to accept themselves. I think the reason we all like them (c'mon just a little bit?) is because they show it like it is. Of course none of us have the lifestyle they do, the private jets and mansions but they show us even with all that you still have struggles, divorces, drama's with kids, self esteem issues. We are all just people and want to be accepted and loved for who we are, you go Bruce, I think you're awesome. X

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