We made it ...

Well we've woken up in paradise after yesterday's shocker. Steve's not too happy and insisting Hampsons Homewares gets a full detail of his car, I assured him I had good aim and after 5 kids it's not my fault. I was just terrified a truck or worse a bus was going to pull up next to me, can you imagine, what is that woman doing? I Wish i'd taken the jeep Steve's car is manual god knows how I didn't have an accident. Talk about multitasking. For those concerned we made it to the mcdonalds near domestic for Luke's poo he clearly wasn't as desperate and very luckily we got on the flight we were listed for. Poor Billie was crying when we got our boarding passes as we were all sitting separately but the lovely qantas crew made sure at least the kids got to sit together and I got to read a mag (in peace). I think I can cancel my bladder test, I'll just tell my dr this story and I'm pretty sure he'll agree it's a no brainer, it's stuffed! X


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