Hubby's in Japan so I'm taking Mum and the kids on a cruise for the weekend to .... no where.

Oh god, I must be premenstrual I'm working away with Frozen "Let it Go" playing full bore crying my eyes out…what is wrong with me.? Billie's not even here and I'm playing frozen???

We go on the cruise tomorrow and of course a cyclone is headed for Brisbane, yay! Only I could book a cruise 5 months out and the weekend it departs a cyclone is due, great NOT! My neighbour said in front of the kids as we were getting in the car this morning, "You can't go, the boat will be rocking up and down and everyone will be spewing everywhere OMG Billie just looks at me "I'M NOT GOING" my thought bubble….shit shit shit. The whole way to school…. "What's a cyclone?" What if the boat crashes" How high are the waves going to be?" Luke says "OMG it's going to be like the Titanic, we're all going to die" laughing just to stir Billie up. I assured them, there is no chance of an iceberg between Sydney and Newcastle. In hindsight probably shouldn't have let them watch that movie a few months ago :-0.

I've rung Carnivals enquiry phone number, spoke to America??? cos they'd know what's going on here? "Oh really Mam, I haven't heard anything about a cyclone" "Ok, well if you do, let me know!". Unbelievable. Mum's asking me, "shall I bring my phone dear" Ummm, yeh, no, whatever, I'm taking mine. She texts "Hope they work in case you have to find me!?" Like she's going to get lost? She's been worried for the last couple of months about how much we should tip the steward? Oh Gawd, it's going to be a long weekend    X

Post Note: Mum (nearly 77) just text me her friends Sylvia and Joan think she's going to get lucky on the boat... so I may not be able to find her, hilarious! X

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