When does the holiday start ?

Major crash on harbour bridge what's normally a 45 min. trip turned into an hr and a half. I set off coffee in hand, Luke crying, Billie being her adorable self and trying to console him. By the time we got to Neutral Bay it was starting to get ugly, bus crashed into woman in front, Luke tells me he needs to do a poo and my bladder is starting to hurt. By the time we actually got on the eastern distributor I was in major pain, what to do?, no chance of a toilet ANYWHERE. Had to do a wee in my husbands coin cup whilst driving (I'm pretty sure this is probably illegal but it was that or wet my white jeans which wouldn't have been a good look at check-in. Filled up the cup pretty quickly, I'm sure the car behind was wondering why I just threw a cup of apple juice out the window? Pouring down at airport when we finally got off shuttle, surfboard came in handy as I held it over our heads as we got in the terminal.

Our flights fully booked so on standby (the joys of staff travel)...hubby rang as my bladder was bursting, haven't called him back. I'm pretty sure he's going to wish I brought my car not his when I tell him. When does the holiday start? ....

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