The people you meet at the lift

Wow, what a night last night. Went to park in the carpark in the city I always go to, FULL, oh dear, plan b, didn't have one so drove up to Goulburn st and found one, perfect $20 for the evening. Standing at the lift was another couple, I did a double take, David Campbell and his wife Lisa, you only get one shot in life so I went for it. "Um excuse me, I really hate to bother you but I made you the cushions for the twins" "Oh they were so lovely" they said "Hampsons Homewares?" OMG!!! they remembered who made them, they were both so friendly and complimentary I nearly cried, total buzz. Lisa didn't realise I actually make them and she said they were going to order for one of their friends in England. I know the universe took me to that carpark to meet them, what are the chances? My husband thinks pretty good, we were both going out in the city, have to park somewhere, but I believe in fate and I've been a bit down this week and that really gave me a lift.

Now on to Ed, he was awesome, it was my niece's first concert so I was so thrilled to be able to take her and share the experience. That guy is so talented, he just kills it and gives his all in every song, if you get a chance to see him, go, it's really worth it. Quite an eclectic mix of people there, not too many old birds like myself in the actual mosh pit and my feet are really feeling it today, I had to take my boots off after 2 1/2 hrs they were killing me!! Good look I know, don't worry I put them back on to walk to the car.

Now you know how much Instagram gives me total anxiety, well I posted the photo of David and I and Ruby and I at the concert last night as I was so excited. Pretty harmless posts, nothing too offensive and about 30 people unfollowed us? Mmmmm, not sure if they don't like David, Ed or me? I have a feeling it's me. Honestly I don't understand Instagram, it's so harsh, I just don't think I'm cool enough for it. I went on this morning and saw Jennifer Hawkins had posted a beautiful sunset or sunrise and one of her followers (why) wrote "thought you should know 2 of my friends slept with your husband last night" Oh, ummm, really??? Well if that is the case, there might be a little nicer way of letting Jen know and if it isn't WHY would you write such a thing, honestly it's terrifying out there.

Anyway, back to work, hope you all have a lovely weekend, I wont be posting anything on Instagram I'm too scared (only joking) it does freak me out though. X

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