Boys! ...

Well we've had a great start to the Easter break. We were just about to serve dinner and Luke thought it might be a good idea to jump from the couch over to the dining table? That was never going to end well. I have never seen or heard such a bang from a face hitting a hard object, my heart sunk, billie was hysterical (she's definitely not going to be a nurse), Luke was screaming, hubby had just gone around the corner to get a beer. I'm not good with blood so screamed at Billie to go and get Daddy, he was a lifeguard for years and SO much better than me in these emergencies.

I was terrified to look in Luke's mouth, yep 2 front teeth definitely facing the wrong way, I thought they were going to be cracked in two so I was kind of relieved they were still there to be honest. I pushed them back into place and luckily our GP who's very conveniently literally next door was still there, he saw us, blood everywhere and assessed …. hospital! We were so lucky and went straight in, couple of hot doctors later (God I love Dr's, that whole caring thing kills me) a bit of glue on his chin and we were at the out of hours dentist. Dentists don't do it for me and the way they charge definitely doesn't do it for me. X-rays to ensure the next teeth will be ok, bit of a poke around 5 mins later….$350. Poor Steve couldn't get a park in Manly, every man and his dog is out tonight so he walked miles to get the car and pick us back up. Luke and i sat cuddling waiting and he told me he thinks he looks like the character out of Box troll who was allergic to cheese, bless him, he still has his sense of humour. Everyone's on the lounge now, I've just poured a glass of red. It's all good fun isn't it, think it's going to be a quiet weekend. Hope you've all had a better start to the break. X

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