Meet my 3 new best friends ...

Meet my 3 new best friends, Mr Voltaren, Mr Pain Killer, Ms White Wine, (well Ms White Wine and I have been friends for a while) but the other two are relatively new to the group. This is a joke I know you shouldn't mix alcohol with pain killers that is unless it's xmas you have over 150 cushion to design, print, sew, wrap, photograph and send . We are getting through them though, thank you for your patience. I'll be sending proofs up to last Wednesdays orders tonight. I have an elf called uncle Keith helping me print and I seriously couldn't do it without him so thank you from the bottom of my heart, He is a machine and really really good at maths so keeps giving me a mathematical synopsis (I don't even know if that is something??, just sounded good) of where we are at re: how much time per print per order. My other little elf, Mum, is sewing my backs like a mad woman and fringing my labels while she watches Coronation Street. So, I think we're on track don't worry your orders will be under the tree. X

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