Worst day ever ...


As Luke would say "This is the worst day ever"….. Mum's in hospital (she's ok, fluid on her lungs as she was advised to stop taking her fluid tablets as she has kidney failure (I know, doesn't sound ok does it, but I'm telling myself she is). I had her on my mind all day today thinking about that hair dryer thing this morning, it brought back so many memories, I could even smell it. I finally sat down at 10 to do my postal notifications after visiting Mum and trying to get this house back into some state of normal. Realised in all the madness I didn't send one of the parcels express when they had paid for it (I really don't like stuffing up) so felt sick. 

I've been thinking I'm going to have to reevaluate my delivery time, I'm just putting too much stress on my family and myself. Steve's always saying "I order a case of wine that's sitting in a warehouse ready to go and I don't get it for 3 weeks, you hand make a cushion from scratch and send it in a week, it's crazy". I'm working till at least 11 most nights and a lot of the weekend, I'm going to have to say 2 weeks from approval of proof from now on to take some strain off, especially as the Xmas orders are starting to add up.

I want to keep this business as it is, with me doing it all as I love everything about it, I just have to slow it down a little for it to continue. I hope you all understand, my family has to come first. X

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