Have you ever behaved like Mrs Kravitz?

Seriously, enough already, it's 4:47 and I'm up on Facebook as the "kids" next door are still "doof doofing". I've rung the cops (party pooper I know). Hubby's like "Just ignore it", but I can't, I'm like Mrs Kravitz peeping through the shutters at them, (well some of them do have their shirts off) waiting for the cops to arrive so I can go back to bed. Kids these days …. x 

Post note: I just read Mrs Kravitz (Alice Pearce) died in 1966, gosh that was before I was even born and bless her she was only 48 but seriously when I watched her on Bewitched I thought she was about 60. Isn't it funny how when you're young everyone looks so old, god I'm nearly her age now, wow, the things you learn on the internet. Yes I know I'm rambling again Courtney but I can't sleep x

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