I 'freakin' love this cushion!

Ok, you know how excited I get about these cushions well this one's a doozy.

Set the scene, Central Park, picnic, champagne, ring, the love of your life proposes PLUS organises a professional photographer to take a snap the minute he does. OH MY GOD!!!

I'm still waiting for Steve to propose, we've been married 5 yrs, I was up the duff with Luke we already had Billie but I refused to have another child without a ring on my finger anyway, that's a whole other story hehe. Back to New York (it's not all about me )…. the look on her face is priceless the joy in his also, absolutely freakin love this cushion!

Her gorgeous girlfriend organised this gift for her, what an awesome present! Imagine having the moment you knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you on a cushion on the bed…wow! 

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