Warning: Don't read this if you're a man or one of my adult children ;-)

Funny day today, good and bad. This one is for the ladies only, so men please stop reading oh and my adult daughters too (just so you wont send me abusive texts about how I overshare). 

Well, I finally had my appointment at the physio today (it's only taken me 2 months to pluck up the courage to go) and she was lovely. She explained it all to me and mentioned she would have to do an internal to assess the strength of "down there" well I thought to myself "I usually like someone to buy me a drink first" . Anyway we're saving that for next visit (yay…not!). It was very interesting she ultrasounded my tummy, and you could see all your muscles contract when you squeeze. Did you know there is an app for pelvic floor…do you believe that, is there an app for everything? that totally cracked me up. Imagine your phone buzzing on a date "SQUEEZE SQUEEZE SQUEEZE" and it's actually called "Squeezy" I kid you not.

Anyway after the trauma of all that I went and treated myself to a couple of mirrors for the new courtyard. They look amazing and you'll never guess where I bought them, Fantastic Furniture, I know they wont last that long out there in the elements but I wont mind them looking a bit worn, I love it. I'm that excited, they have the most stunning mirror bedside tables and bureau drawers too if anyone's in the market, I may even go back...when hubby's on a trip . 

A lovely client dropped in too to pick up her order and brought me some very yummy champagne, did I mention I love my job? … flowers & champagne in one week, how amazing!
Anyway, back to proofs I am slowly making my way through all the orders we are up to No.1870 now and have up to No.1923 on the website to process so please thank you for your patience. A lot of orders are 2 and some are over 5 (yikes). But don't worry I will be working 24/7 to get these all out oh and doing my squeezes while I work . x

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