New Years Eve ...


I've been feeling really flat since Xmas, a combination of exhaustion and I think hubby being away for all the special days. New Years is always a let down really, it's only fun when you are 18 can stand next to the hottest guy in the pub and hopefully get a midnight pash ;-).  Tonight was lovely though, I hadn't planned anything as hubby had to work again but at the last minute two of my big girls said they were coming up, yay! I absolutely love seeing all my kids together just missing one big one Miss Bronte who's still in Canada. We walked down and watched the fireworks over Manly harbour which was stunning and Courtney and I shed a tear as she is leaving again in the morning to go back up to Queensland to live. The little one's always make me smile but there's nothing like having everyone home. Hope you are all out having fun and I just wanted to wish you all a very happy, healthy 2015 and thank you again for being so kind to me this year. X

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