Well I survived the op....

thank the Lord, now on day 2 of recovery and I think i can now safely say i am back in the land of the living. Oh my god! Pre med was awesome, i'm blaming the meds but i vaguely remember flirtingly telling my gynecologist he has held my hand longer in pre op than my husband has in 16 yrs..... He's not a hand holder, we're the same height and our hands don't meet at the right level, the whole thing is just awks. Probably not as awks as flirting with your gyno before he goes in and sees everything you've had for breakfast though (oops).

Went in and out of conscienness all Monday night, don't think I wanted to wake up to be honest. I think the first thing I said was "did they take my uterus"? Well they did, it's gone, bit sad, it has served me well, 5 kids. The op was a bit tricky he actually showed me a picture, ewww, not for the faint hearted. It was like something out of a horror movie, or at least an episode of "embarrassing bodies" ;-) who would go on that show??? and dont worry, I didn't ask for a copy, don't want that on the cloud!

Anyway, it's all done, catheter out (tick), cannula out (tick) done a wee (ouuchhhh- tick) recovering well. Aren't our bodies amazing? I'm feeling rather proud of what it's been through and its still ok. Feeling very grateful. Thanks for all your support. x
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