5 things I learnt after being in hospital for 5 days...

Tell all family and friends they can only visit you on day 3.
Because tubes everywhere, a mother Slurring and going in and out of consciousness frightens small children. My kids were that scared they clung to the wall on the other side of the room like they were on the 'rotor' at Luna park!

Because you are in pain and look ugly, I know this because hubby thought it would be funny to take a picture, not as bad as my Dr's surgery one, but still bad. What is it with taking photos when I'm unconscious? Can't get one of me when we're on hols??

Bring your own flowers in with you.

Because when you wake up on day 2 feeling very fragile and emotional and the sweet little flower lady pops her head in to fix your flowers and you have to say "I don't have any ?". So then your mind starts playing tricks and you text hubby "thanks for the flowers". Have to admit he said that's when i knew you must be feeling better. haha
Contrary to yesterday's post, I clearly have not evolved that much.

NUMBER 3. (The most important)
Had to call and be on hold to the taxation department for 25 mins. My fault for not dealing with last quarters activity statement before I came in.

Miss courtney currently in India suprised me with the news she's coming home on the weekend for a couple of weeks. So excited but hubby and I had to then coordinate all her flights on staff travel and let me tell you that's stressful even after a glass of wine! Of course due to my state of mind I gave hubby the wrong dates he booked it all and then I realised and he had to start again from scratch, not happy Jan.

Then, Miss Bronte called last night to tell me she and her partner have two weeks till they can move into their new appt but have to be out of this one on sunday, f#@%rrrk! O...Kay, so I go into "mummy can fix this" mode. Ummmm, who has a big house? "Hi, uncle keith, you know I'm a very very sick woman, well I need a favour ..... (Phew, lucky I had that one up my sleeve) haha, only joking he knows me well. Thank god he said yes, another disaster diverted, Jesus I feel like a traffic controller, not a woman recovering from a major operation, oh that's right, I'm a mum !!!

No need to wonder why my blood pressure reading was through the roof last night. Should have spent a bit longer in that healing garden I think.

Do not tell your 78 yr old mother you are going in to hospital
Because it then becomes YOUR problem to get her there to visit you (God give me strength).

Get some bloody rest.
Because all of the above is exhausting.

I can't wait to go home x
Post note: I am going home with beautiful flowers

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