In sickness and in health ...

I attended a funeral yesterday for a girlfriends Dad who is now at peace after being in a home for 9 long years after suffering a severe heart attack. His wife has visited him everyday, ensuring he got the best of care, feeding him, wiping his brow and holding his hand. To see all the love in the room yesterday was beautiful, the little and big grandkids wiping their tears and a wife who stood so proud as she played this song, his favourite after she had spoken of her deep love for him. I listened as two kids, not his children (now in their 50's) speak of their immense love and respect for a man who made a massive difference in their life. As they say, it doesn't matter what wealths you die with, it's what you meant to other people, did you make a difference, did you care? I really really don't like funerals, (who does?) but I do love learning about the people who have passed's achievements and what impact they had.

My girlfriend asked me to make this for her Mum, her reaction was something I'll never forget, we go back a long way, I have the utmost admiration for her. Of course as usual I made it last minute (the night before) and my girlfriend said she wanted me to crop it and make it square but I rang her at 9pm and said, sorry honey, I've taken over, I'm making it rectangle. I really want you to be able to see your Dads arm around your Mum, I want her to look at it and see how much he cherished her at that time, young, carefree and happy, so happy. RIP Alan X

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