Have you ever had all your ducks lined up?

Have you ever had all your ducks lined up in a row? Every time I think I have, one gets shot down, when it pops back up, another gets shot down. This week, my eyes have gone, tried the chemist +1 jobbies - nuh, not going to cut it and on top of that which is way way worse but just easing you into it, a cervical prolapse do not and I repeat DO NOT google it!. Trust me, my girlfriend and I did last night and it's horrendous (by the way mine is nothing like the pictures - mild case). So you can imagine how "hot" i'm feeling. I keep trying to talk about it with hubby and he puts his fingers in his ears saying "lah lah lah lah lah". I swear to god I'm coming back as a man in my next life or I am definitely going to be "too posh to push" . I explained to my Dr surely I'm too young for this at 44 she said "ummm no not after 5 babies" my big girls are all laughing at me, when I told them it's hereditary they shut up . We have spent the last 6 weeks getting our brand new induction cooktop fixed, apparently they need a lot of ventilation, hence a lot of frustration and holes all over my brand new kitchen cupboards (not happy Jan) we finally got that all sorted and the next day the brand new tap started drip drip dripping. OMG!!!!! We live opposite a fire station and I swear it is louder than the trucks leaving the station with the siren on!! My eldest came over to stay and I explained our dilemma she is very clever and ran a piece of wool down over the spout and the water runs down it, no drip, ingenious (you can tell she's a plumbers daughter). Found out last night another one of my big girls might not be able to come on our impending NYC trip due to a job opportunity so we are all totally gutted and secretly hoping she doesn't get the job. Oh, just another week in the totally glamorous life of Hampsons Homewares, god give me strength….
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Just thought I’d pass this along…my mom is an inretior designer and used to teach textiles at a community college. She LOVES linen. Uses it as much as possible. However, I do remember her telling me that for some reason it seems to wear particularly bad when used in welting. She told me if I ever to a linen sofa to do the welting in a different fabric. Perhaps you’ve had a different experience, but just thought I’d share. Personally, I think either would look great.


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