Every single cushion has a story ...

For those of you who are new to this page, there is a very emotional side to this business that not everyone is aware of. As we mentioned the other week, we are so honoured that we get an order the day a beautiful baby has come into the world, that someone wants to order one of our cushions to celebrate the occasion. Well this week, we had the honour of making a cushion for a clients loved one to lay their head on in their final resting place. We have done a few of these and every time I can feel my clients loss and peace at knowing their loved one has something so special to go with them. We wrote her husbands name and listed all their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren's names. People who are in this world because they met and fell in love all those years ago. We had a very emotional phone call when she received the images of how it turned, I went to the kids church service this morning with mascara all down my face. But…. it's also such a happy job, the other day, I opened up the most gorgeous photo of a bub with his cushion. I literally had tears flowing down my face. I was so moved that clients take the time to send in such gorgeous photos, it's only a cushion I know that, I know I'm hardly saving the world but to see them in peoples homes with their babies and know they make people happy when they receive them makes me smile … it doesn't get any better than that. Every single cushion has a story x

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