Well I'm back on the horse today, determined to beat them, working on some new designs and fabrics.

I was in tears on sunday morning beating myself up because I sent some 'comfort' cushions on Thursday but didn't send them express :-(. I got word from her best friend who had organised them it looked like she was going to pass quicker than we'd expected, I felt so bad I hadn't sent them express.

Our usual orders for the Glam-ma and Dictionary cushions are down due to all the cheap copies. The internet is amazing but due to the global exposure these designs have had, the copies out there have taken most of my business. So sad that I made something up and it has been cheapened by the ugly (yes I said it) copies. They are printed on Made in China covers, they are not made from scratch, they do not come with inserts, beautiful ribbon, gift bag and a photograph of each design and I'm sure their postage is a lot less than the $18 per cushion I have to pay and that's just in Australia. I am sure they think they are very clever just scouring the internet seeing something popular and copying it but little do they know the ramifications. I couldn't afford to send this lot of comfort cushions express, we aren't rich (unfortunately). Although our sales last year were over 100K, yes (my orders are massive for a home business and I definitely consider myself very lucky) my income was $49K (may sound a lot but if you knew the hours you would realise it's not).

I've done this post and deleted it a couple of times, I don't want to sound like a whinging cow, but I figure what haven't I shared with you guys? why should I hide this? I'm just angry, I really really wanted this lady to see her cushions, I wanted her to know they are going to be sitting in all her kids rooms forever and that another Mum who she has never met really cared about her. I rushed making them so they would get there in time, I even rang Australia Post to see if there was anything they could do but they couldn't, not their fault. I received word she passed away this morning. I sent her friend a message on where they were tracking wise and she told me the sad news. I am so sorry for their loss, I remember the morning my dad died, I wanted the world to stop, but it doesn't, it can't, it just goes on, it has to.

A lesson learnt for me, express next time (regardless of the cost) but if you are following my business just to copy my designs, please think before you do as it's not just my family you are hurting. X


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Thanks for your words…So refreshing and I think ditto to all you said.

Simone Bullen

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