Illusion versus reality ...

Illusion: Beautifully made up bed with stunning peacock chair to feature product on. Reality: Poor husband trying to get some sleep as he has done the horror shift (flight attendant) back from Perth and his crazy wife is trying to photograph product with him in the bed asleep. Did I manage it, mmm, I think I did, I can't show you as they are gifts but honestly the things we do. How i dream of a studio that is all set up for me just to put my product on to take images, instead of the reality of me stripping my bed, putting on the "beautiful cover" taking the pics and then realising after I have taken the orders to the PO, picked up the kids, done the after school activities, cooked the dinner, done the baths, sent the postal notifications, done the readers, finally got the kids into bed only to go upstairs to flake out and realise I have to put my "real bed covers" back on. It's all good fun and to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way, oh, except the studio bit. x
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