It's way better to give than receive….

I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but it really has been a long time since someone gave me a present that really knocked my socks off.  My poor husband tried to give me a week at Golden Door a couple of years ago which didn't go down very well. Every christmas his sister is given a week there by her husband and I always roll my eyes and say "mmm, that would be nice". Well, the poor bastard gave me a voucher to go there for a week and I tore shreds off him!  "I'm not going to detox for a week" I said, no coffee, no glass of wine with my dinner?... that's sounds like hell.  My idea of the perfect holiday is going for a walk in the morning on the beach or up to a lighthouse (hint hint Byron Bay is my favourite place in the whole world), laying on the beach all day,  having a little nanna nap and then going out for a lovely meal with a few cocktails and or glass of wine (or two).  Anyway, bless him, he's never suggested that again. Well today, I had one of the loveliest phone calls of my life and I mean that with all my heart.  A few weeks ago I posted about my poor little Luke's early entry in to this world (he was 5 weeks premature with complications at birth) and I was contacted by a previous client who made me aware of a group  I watched the video bawling my eyes of a lovely couple who devastatingly lost their 3 beautiful triplet boys in 2007.  I offered to donate some cushions (as I certainly can't run) and thought it would be nice to send Sophie a crossword cushion with her sons names and the two sons names she has thankfully gone on to have all entwined together with the word LOVE.  This was a few weeks ago and for some reason I didn't send the cushion until last friday, knowing she would receive it today as she's in Sydney too.  Well, it turned out yesterday was her birthday and when she received the cushion today she thought it was a gift from a friend. When she opened it up and saw her all her boys names written on a cushion she felt like it was a sign from her boys sending her a little birthday gift from heaven.  I totally believe that and feel the universe intervened with me not sending it until Friday. Normally I'm a real list ticker and like to get things out as soon as possible so I can clear my mind. It was completely out of character for me not to send it straight away. Well, I was crying again at her sincere appreciation of the cushion, I have never had someone be so grateful for a gift in my life.  I explained to her that the fact that it meant so much to her was more joy than I could ever get receiving anything, it truly was.  When I was sending the cushion I didn't know what to write on the card?  I'd never met this woman, I didn't want to gush, I was a complete stranger, I didn't want to write something that upset her but I did want her to know I cared so I just wrote "From one mother to another" she said I couldn't have written anything more perfect….I think I could be best friends with this lady :-).  Anyway, I'm not writing this so you'll know I gave away another cushion, I give them all the time and rarely write about it, I just wanted to give you another example of how the universe looks after us and I honestly believe that with great loss comes great fortunes as well. This group has raised over 1 million dollars for the Royal Hospital for Women's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Henry, Jasper and Evan Smith will never be forgotten, and that's what I call giving.

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