Money can't buy everything....

Ok, One more cushion to make. I just received what I think will be one of the best presents I get this christmas. It was a card from my old neighbour, a lovely lady who I used to go and sit with in the afternoons when I was a very young mum she and her husband loved a chat, a bit of company and when we had a party they definitely loved a few drinks! She suffered a stroke the year I was born, 1969 so one arm wasn't any good and she couldn't get around very easily,her husband looked after her everyday, they absolutely loved each other. They moved up to Queensland many years ago to follow their 3 boys they absolutely adored so I don't see them anymore. She just told me she's a very proud great grandmother now, her writing is so frail on the card, it made me cry that she made such an effort (something we take so for granted). Billie just asked why I'm crying, it really is these little things that make christmas special, it's a pity we don't make the effort all year round isn't it, I haven't had a minute to send cards but I'm going to make Jill a cushion as I know how much she will treasure it. This little post isn't it to try and flog a few more cushions, I can't make them anyway as everything is getting switched off tonight but maybe if you have a neighbour or someone who meant something to you, try and contact them and tell them you love them cos it will mean the world to them.


I also made a cushion today for a girlfriend who's had a few hard years, her eldest son has put himself through uni and yesterday very proudly graduated with a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. She doesn't tell him how she feels, "they don't say that stuff face to face" she says, so we've made him a cushion that screams it. His name, his degree letters and love his very proud mum 2013, no money can buy that. x


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