Instagram totally gives me anxiety….

I wish I could say I don't care what people think, but I'm human I do. Megan Gale had a "follower" say they were sick of seeing photos she was posting of her son. For god sake can you imagine if Megan Gale wasn't putting up pictures of her son?, what everyone would be saying then, "oh she clearly doesn't care about her son, all she posts is photos of herself", honestly I feel so sorry for these celebs who must have to have the thickest skin for it not to affect them.

There is definitely wonderful things about Instagram. It allows us to post pics of our product and have people from all over the world "follow" us, which I get a complete buzz from. I also risk showing behind the scenes, my family, things I think are interesting, quotes I completely I agree with. But when I put something up whether it be product or personal sometimes I get lots of "unfollowers" and then I get a bit down and think "Oh, they don't like me" frown emoticon. If anyone ever put anything negative on my insta or Facebook for that matter, I would block them straight away. Not cos I'm worried it would affect my brand but I wont have negative people write negative stuff, it's not what I do this for. I just wont have it and I completely applaud Megan for her response. Well done beautiful lady (and obviously very nice person too). X

Oh and post note, this is why I feel so strongly about this, I couldn't believe the other day I saw a middle aged woman on Lara Bingles instagram, calling her a "slut" (hate that word) and Sam could do better? OMG what is wrong with people!!! I looked at her profile as I was intrigued what middle aged woman could write something like that and she had just that day put up a quote about "not judging and being kind to people" really? that's how she shows it, unbelievable, I was going to write "shame on you" but thought leave it alone. As Megan said, some people just need to do a bit of work on themselves. X

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